Busy 2020 Helping Hand Foundation

We are a non-profit, charitable organization formed by the artiste "Busy Signal."

Busy 2020 Helping Hands Foundation was formed in 2014.   It is our goal and that of our partners to become a ray of hope in communities across our Island nation.  We seek to be the ambassador for our children, young adults, their families and communities: by offering year round support in any way we can, making them more productive through community based apprenticeship programs; thus developing better equip and functioning citizens of their communities.

We believe in working with and for the community to tackle complex issues such as violence, poverty, disadvantaged youths, and lack of or minimal access to much needed healthcare.  Together with civic leaders and neighbors; we are creating and developing programs that will address these issues head-on, prove sustainable and provide a lasting and positive impact.

Busy 2020 Helping Hands Foundation has begun to gain momentum and an impact by hosting several fundraising events.  Notably, our Annual Back to School Treat which is held the end of each summer at Busy Signal’s hometown of Buxton, St. Ann. This event caters to six hundred children in Buxton and surrounding communities. The Foundation has also made several educational grants to High School and University Students who lack the funding to further their education but possess the zeal and ambition to do so. Busy Signal has also visited several schools in Jamaica under his role as youth motivator; such as The Browns Town High School.  

Busy Signal, through his 2020 Foundation, has partnered with other charitable organizations outside of Jamaica; such as American Friends of Jamaica where he attended and performed at their 2017 Humming Bird Gala in New York. This Gala was geared at raising funds for education and healthcare charities in Jamaica.  Busy Signal has also partnered with The Conference for Peace and Kids Future and Global Awareness in Malawi Africa where he functioned as a Motivational Speaker, telling his story as a vehicle to inspire and evoke hard work and dedication in our youths. Through his humanitarian efforts, he has been named an Ambassadorship in Zimbabwe for being a role model, making positive movements in his career and life, Tourism Ambassador and “the Best brand to Market.”

As the foundation continues to grow, it is our goal to reach more, teach more and always be that helping hand to Jamaica and the world at large.

Like Nelson Mandela, Busy Signal believes that, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”


10th Anniversary