An9ted Foundation


The An9ted Humanitarian Foundation exists to make the less fortunate, even in remote areas, made fortunate, through a consistent and sustainable feeding programme.


To inspire breakthroughs in the way our nation treats homelessness and poverty, while working to achieve a nationwide network of organizations and individuals in the fight to end both.


Revered as on of Jamaica’s most prolific singer and songwriter with some of the utmost riveting and thought- provoking compositions across the Reggae landscape, recording artiste Roy Thompson more popularly known as Bugle through his An9ted Entertainment imprint aims not only to inspire with his music but also via his philanthropic deeds. It is this thinking that has led to the formation of the ‘An9ted Humanitarian Foundation (AHF), a non-profit organization whose modus operandi is to assist in ameliorating the civic honour associated with the disenfranchised and social-economically challenged within our society.


10th Anniversary