Nomination Eligibility Criteria

Nomination Eligibility Criteria
With the evolution of the YVAs, NOW Your View Awards, we seek to continue to elevate the brand to an international level. The Your View Awards criteria has been adapted from existing and established international award shows criteria! The Your View Awards criteria determines if the talent nominated by the fan* qualifies for the YVAs nominee listing for the eligibility period.
Talent nominated by fans must meet ALL of the following criteria within the eligibility period and category.
Eligibility Period: October 17, 2016 – September 30, 2017
Nominations will open on October 27, 2017
Song Categories:

  • Radio Play
  • Live Performance (locally or internationally )
  • Full availability on music platforms including but not limited to YouTube, music streaming services, iTunes, etc. Songs are not required to be on all the aforementioned platforms but are to be available on at least one.
  • Songs released within the eligibility period.

Music Video Concept:

  • Full availability on music platforms including but not limited to Youtube.
  • Creativity - the use of the imagination or original ideas in the production of the artistic work.
  • Video Producer’s name must be listed in video in credits or on chyron.
  • Video Director’s name must be listed listed in video or under video in credits or on chyron.

Note: A music video director is the head of music video production. The director conceives the video’s artistic and dramatic aspects while instructing the musical act, technical crew, actors, models, and dancers on video concept.
Dancing Categories:  NEW addition to dance categories  * Favourite Modern Contemporary Dancer of the Year (ballet/modern/jazz)- MALE / FEMALE  

  • Performance Quality - dynamic range, energy, and emotion.
  • Technique – precision of movement, accurate body alignment.
  • Choreography, Creativity and Presentation.
  • Synchronization/timing - range of movement, speed, timing and execution are all in sync.

Category requires submission of a video by dancer/group, to which the fans would refer, during the nomination period. Instructions will be provide on process once nomination period opens October 27 2017
Album of the Year: * NEW Category

  • For purposes of eligibility, the YVAs defines an ALBUM as having no less than five (5) different tracks. • Sampler albums or albums which are a compilation of tracks from other previously released albums are not eligible.

(Adapted from some of the criteria of The Grammys, American Country Music Award, Latin Grammys, World of Dance , & Hip Hop International Dance).


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